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We are a full service commodity brokerage office located in Sioux City, Iowa.  Our licensed brokers are qualified to handle all of your commodity trading needs.

We offer commodity trading accounts for all of your hedging or speculating activities.  Our live links to the trading floor and computerized tracking and management systems provide the highest level of security, efficiency and stability in the industry.

In addition to our full service commodity trading activity we also offer producer hedgers unique financed hedge contract programs.

Our Hedge Contract for cattle and hogs provides farmers and ranchers with all of the benefits of commodity hedging without the downside of having to margin and maintain a hedging account.  This unique product provides the livestock hedger the price risk management that you’re looking for, without the need for an additional credit line to capitalize and maintain your hedge position.  Producers Commodities will place, margin and provide maintenance margin money to keep your position in place on your behalf.  You must be a hedger and own hedgable livestock in order to use this product.  Call us for more information.

We specialize in cattle, hogs, corn and soybeans.

Call us for more information: 800-831-5936.

Producers Commodity Services.  Protecting your family and your investment by helping you protect your agricultural prices

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