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Producers Commodities prides itself on having top-notch brokers with agricultural backgrounds.  We effectively help farmers and ranchers reduce price risk with commodity contracts and easy to use hedge contract programs because we understand risk and we understand production agriculture.

Our brokers are salaried and not on commissions.  That means they get no benefit from “churning” a customers account.  Our goal is to assist you in carrying out your strategies, and help you to define your risk management plan based upon your goals and objectives.

Production agriculture is our area of expertise.  In fact we sometimes say - if it can’t be grown in Iowa, we won’t hedge it.

We believe that you carry plenty of risk on your farm or ranch and we want to help you control it, not add to it.

Please call us with any questions that you may have:  800-831-5936

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John Nelson,  V.P.

Kyle Krager


John Nelson, VP
Kyle Krager
Tyler Nelson

Tyler Nelson


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